At Parkland Denture

Reopening the denture clinic relies on all staff and patients to acknowledge and respect the AHS and College information, recommendations and directions regarding managing Covid-19 risks as integral to the safe operation of the clinic. We encourage all patients and staff to remain up-to-date on developments related to Covid-19.

We are taking all necessary, and many additional steps to maintain the highest level of mitigation and healthy environments for our patients and staff.

Here are some of the measures already implemented and others being considered for future enhancements:

  1. Implement policy: Daily Fit for work assessments

  2. Implement policy: Multiple Patient Screening assessments

  3. Implement policy: Visitor/contractor screening assessments​

  4. Staggered staff entries / Staggered start/finish times​

  5. Staggered patient appointment procedures/times​

  6. Possible Extended clinic hours for staggered shifts​

  7. Possible Extended opening days for staggered shifts​

  8. Extended times planned for appointments and bookings​

  9. Usage of recommended Personal Protection Equipment for staff​

  10. Physical barriers​

  11. Adjustments done in operatory

  12. Procedural changes for physical distancing and coordinated safe movement of staff and patients within the clinic.​

  13. Signage additions, changes, placements, required familiarity and promotion

  14. Enhanced cleaning/disinfecting

  15. Updated and enhanced IPC manual, resources and supports

  16. Updated and enhanced OH&S procedures and processes and resources

  17. Updated and enhanced resources and supports for staff specifically for Covid-19 information, Covid-19 Self-Assessment, and Mental health supports

  18. Enhanced tracing abilities through staff scheduling change procedure