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If you can't chew food, or have sore loose dentures, an assessment should be considered. If your dentures have not been assessed in more than 5 years, it's been too long since we have seen your dentures, and it's time to call us for an appointment.

An examination can assess current partial, complete and implant dentures. An examination also determines if a reline, replacement or repair can address the variety of concerns including painful dentures, sore dentures, and loose dentures. Whether it is a simple repair, a reline, or full and partial new dentures, all options are discussed during a free consultation.

More information on Seniors Dental Program can be found at: We can assist you with any of the insurance processing. All possible costs are communicated prior to service start, and insurance coverage can be pre-authorized through our office with most insurance providers.


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Dentures can give you back your smile. Accidents that create chips or cracks can make you feel like you're losing your smile all over again. Whether your dentures suffer in a single incident or over time, visit our staff for repairs and restoration.

We handle most repairs in a single day when an appointment is arranged. In general, the process takes approximately one to three hours where appointments are arranged. Emergency repairs may be possible where it does not impact appointments.

Repairs are performed by in-house staff working on-site for the most timely service possible. The best of advice, materials and workmanship can be expected.

As soon as you notice an issue with your dentures, contact our staff to schedule denture repairs or denture relines. Our Spruce Grove clinic can assess any damage and begin the process of restoring your smile immediately.

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Over time, the shape of your gums changes, which can result in denture slippage, looseness or irritation. Changes to gum tissue often stem from overall health changes, including weight gain or loss and bone resorption. Dentures may also become ill-fitting after two or more years of wear.


Denturists compensate for these changes through a process called relining. We use heat processed acrylic techniques for relines as the best is the standard here at Parkland Denture Clinic. We can complete most reline services on the same day as your appointment. Adjustments for permanent soft liners take one to two days to complete. I recommend scheduling a reline once every two years to maintain your denture to its best functionality.

Relines require the denturist to dedicate more than 5 hours. Due to this dedicated time, any missed appointments or cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged a fee of $70.

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Denture Cleaning Product is available for your daily and weekly denture cleaning from the clinic office.

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Complete Dentures

At our clinic, for the best possible function and fit we recommended the equilibrated process, most patients schedule approximately five appointments to complete the process. Relines are recommended every two years for maintenance of your denture ensuring the best possible functionality.


Implant Dentures

We hold complete consultations with potential implant patients. If implants represent your best option, we can recommend a dentist who can work in collaboration with our clinic.

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Partial Denture

Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth. We offer several types of partial dentures, including the following:

Preferred Treatment - Cast Frames: These long-term dentures snap over the teeth, retaining a rigid shape and provide better protection to the oral tissues.

Acrylic Partials: This short-term solution helps patients transition while more extensive options are considered.


Surgical (Immediate) Dentures

Two approaches:
1. Denture inserted on day of extraction.
2. Denture fabricated four to six weeks after extraction.

After total tooth loss gum tissue can significantly change shape for up to 12 months. Temporary liners are used to help refit the dentures during this healing process and permanent relines will complete the process.

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